Welcome to the
Kita Höfchensweg

Our "Höfchensweg" daycare centre is a facility that offers rooms with a bright and open architecture.

The outdoor premises offer space for wild and imaginative play. Here, children can feel happy and safe - and their parents will gain time and rest for their studies or work.

Our daycare centre offers a total of 65 places for children from four months until starting school. There are two groups with 22 children aged 3 - 6 each and two groups with 10 children aged 4 months to 3 years each. In each group type, the children are taken care of by three professionals or assistants.

Kita Höfchensweg has a gym, work room, "playing street", studio, building room, theatre room and bistro for the shared lunch. Children aged 3 years and up increasingly expand their movement radius and will be allowed to use the entire building. Groups for children younger than three years have a diaper changing room, wash room, miniature studio, diverse movement and crawling landscapes, as well as a lovingly designed sleeping platform landscape.

The outdoor premises offer plenty of space to run, hide, climb, slide, swing. The water pump in the sand box offers children a special playing experience.

In our child daycare centre, children are given the space and time to "be children"

– To play wild, play with mud, jump, play, snuggle, dream, laugh, screech, go on adventures and be happy. Our utmost goal is letting children be comfortable here, giving them safety and comfort so as to create the basis for trusting interaction and a beautiful, memorable daycare time.

If you are interested and would like to see our daycare centre in everyday operation, contact its manager Andrea Löbach by calling 0241 60 88 488. We will gladly schedule an appointment for a personal meeting. We look forward to it!!!

Within the framework of the Prevention Ordinance, every Catholic institution has developed an institutional protection concept. The protection concept of our institution as well as the pedagogical concept are available for viewing in the daycare center. If you are interested, please contact the director Andrea Löbach.

Address & Contact

Andrea Löbach

Daycare management

Contact details

Höfchensweg 35
52066 Aachen

T 0241 60 88 488
E kita@studentenwerk-khg-aachen.de

Opening hours

Kita HöfchenswegMon-Thu: from 7.30 AM - 5 PM
Fri: from 7.30 AM - 4 PM

  • Diverse movement offer for the different age groups
  • Promotion of individuality and creativity
  • Daily experiences in nature - in any weather
  • Movement and crawling landscape in the gym and the group rooms
  • Weekly swimming for four- to six-year-olds in the swimming hall "Süd"
  • Weekly forest days
  • Pre-school projects, e.g. "We travel to the land of numbers"
  • Excursions to the fire brigade, hospital, farm, glass blowing workshop, theatre
  • Singing together with all (older and younger children) with musical accompaniment
  • Celebrating events together with parents, grandparents, friends (e. g. St. Martin's day, summer festival, shared excursions)