Chico Mendes - The KHG's slightly different pub

Studying with service and playing games in the pub in the evening!

The Chico Mendes is your place to study with service from Mon. to Fri., 9 AM - 5 PM, and a slightly different pub from Mon. - Sat., providing a comprehensive offer of games, drinks and food for you and your friends. We also have a bowling lane. (The bowling lane can only be booked via the secretarial office of the KHG 0241-47000!)

Because we are so unmistakably different, our beverage offers are different as well:
The good flavour! We offer coffee, tea and cocoa from fair production and trade based on the gepa+ standard, since we believe that justice is a matter of good taste. Chico Mendes is the unique café-pub in Aachen, offering fairly produced and traded coffee, tea and cocoa at all times.

Current news and impressions are available on the Facebook page of Chico Mendes.

Address & Contact

Chico Mendes

Pontstraße 74-76
52062 Aachen

T 0241 4700141

Opening hours

Chico MendesMon - Thu from 09.00 Mon-Fri, 9.00 AM
Sat starting at 6.00 PM